UMSEBE has sufficient production capacity to handle an annual turnover of approximately R10 million. Our company has always sought to embrace computing technology to expedite planning projects and we currently run the latest software combined with extensive computer hardware


UMSEBE currently has a fully equipped and staffed office in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, with plans to open offices in other provinces within the next few years.


  • All company data is hosted on a centralised company server which ensures that all our data can be accessed online from anywhere in the world
  • 14 PC workstations (Microsoft Office software)
  • Latest support software such as Microsoft Projects
  • 3 CAD workstations (AutoCAD software)
  • 2 GIS workstations (Esri ArcMAP software)


  • Our surveying equipment (Trimble GPS) is used to capture data on-site. This includes topographical features, engineering services, contours, wetlands, existing roads and fences as well as other data that is necessary for quality base maps.


  • Trimble
  • 1 large-scale plotter
  • 2 high speed printer and copiers
  • Fax and e-mail facilities for all staff members
  • 1 permanent projector
  • 2 portable projectors
  • 3 company vehicles