Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Mapping

The diligent and sound internal systems at Umsebe Development Planners sets us apart from our competitors. Our GIS department boasts an extensive knowledge of ESRI ArcMap software and other GIS-related software. In addition, we have a comprehensive database comprising 20 years’ worth of data which is well maintained, organised and easily accessible. In view of this, the GIS division forms an integral part of our Urban and Development Planning team and is often the catalyst in both private and public sector projects. The key functions that the GIS team are responsible for:

Map production (thematic maps, locality maps, site development plans, etc.)

Data capturing, digitising, analysing and data manipulation

Spatial Development Framework Plans


Land Use Management Systems Scheme Maps (LUMS)

Maps and layouts for township establishments, rezoning applications, agricultural subdivisions and formalisation projects

To ensure that we stay ahead in our industry we make use of world-renown software programmes. These include AutoCAD and Trimble® survey equipment. The latter gives Usembe Development Planners the ability to provide quick accurate surveys amongst other benefits. Furthermore, our town planning portfolio includes numerous township layout designs and site plan projects.

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