As development planners we are, by and large, at the centre of development projects where we play a coordinating role in projects such as:

Precinct Plans

This is a planning tool that directs the vision for the future development of an area. It provides a planning and management framework which focuses on environmental, social and economic factors and objectives

Townships Establishments

This is the transformation of land into residential, commercial or industrial properties. It is a labour-intensive, time-consuming process which requires the involvement of numerous specialists and professionals including township and urban development planners, lawyers, financial advisors, property specialists and environmental consultants.

Land Use Management Systems (LUMS)

These are schemes used by municipalities to guide and manage development according their Integrated Development Plans (IDP) and Spatial Development Frameworks (SDF)

Formalisation of Informal Settlements

Making informal settlements habitable and conducive for living includes various aspects, but most importantly the provision of basic services such as water, electricity and sewage removal as well as the rezoning of the chosen land into a residential area. With the number of informal settlements increasing year-on-year in South Africa, the national government has identified the information settlement fomalisation settlements as a key focus area.

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